Oh, Beautiful Swan

beautiful swan poem
Sitting down in the rocker out back, I took a deep breath.
The beauty of the reflection of the water
allowed my spirit to wrap around God’s voice.

“Be still and know that I am God…” Psalm 46:10.  

Then a very unusual gift came floating by and the words flowed…



Oh, Beautiful Swan

How regal and sublime

With your majestic neck tilting

And flowing soft white lines.


You have a framework of innocence

Until nature bids you step forth

Then you spread your wings so mighty

Showing all, you can be a reckoning force.


What was the purpose in your creation:

God made such few of you it seems?

I wonder are you a reflection of His magnificence;

Of His abilities, from the beginning of this earthly scheme?


As I gaze upon your purity and softness,

I can see God’s reflection of hope floating on water.

Yet under those plums is a mighty girth and contrast

With the complexity of both attribute and fodder.


Yet when I see such truth,

Hidden under such softness I am amazed.

For herein lies God’s creature;

With all its’ fullness of life, splendor of details, and magnificent ways.


It makes me ponder how I too am God’s creature,

Purposefully created by God’s masterful design.

And if He took such great care to intricately design you, Swan

I think He had a plan for me when I was first on His mind.


In my mind’s eye, I see God

Making the rivers, the mountains and the seas.

He looked over at you Swan

And then through time, He looked over at me.


He knew you would need to be very beautiful,

But underneath be of a foundation that is strong and firm.

And for me, He knew I would see hard times,

And that I would not have many a human in which I could turn.


So across the miles God would see our path’s crossing

On this very day in history.

Why not use a Swan to touch this human heart?

After all, God is not limited by time you see.


      Seeing you Swan, I am touched by the strength behind your beauty;

That spoke to my heart, from a God who is never limited by time nor space.

Where in the very moment when He knew this child would need it,

Oh, Beautiful Swan, You’ve Helped me to keep Running… “To Win My God Given Race!”

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. (Hebrews12:1)



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