Mirror Mirror, What Do YOU See?

Mirror Mirror, What Do YOU See? How many times a day do we quickly look at ourselves in the mirror, complete the task at hand, like brushing our teeth, or combing our hair, and then we’re done. Rarely, do we ever step back and contemplate a real, heart-depth reflection. If we did, or if that…

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Time to Wake Up!

Tumbled thoughts and tumbled sheets give way to my feet hitting the floor. It must be time to wake up! Through squinted eyes I give a glance to see that it really is 3:45am. Yet, I am stone cold awake, so no climbing back in bed for me. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. It…

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Where Were You on the FIRST Good Friday?

Have you ever wondered what it might have been like, all those thousands of years ago, on that first Good Friday? If you somehow could step back in time, where do you think you would have been? Do you see yourself walking through the narrow city walls, or up that dusty rise, or can you…

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Wrapped in a Quilt of Patchwork Gray

Looking out through the windowpane onto the cold water there is a hush over the lake, even the geese are quiet. I pull my quilt tight up around my shoulders. Once again I woke to a speckled gray dawn, but I can’t say I mind. It seems to have a calming affect, a quiet gift…

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Is My Brain Missing?

brain missing

Today it seems my brain is missing! I am looking but I still can’t seem to find, That thing that is inside of my head Has skipped town, and so has my mind. It may have decided to wander, Maybe it has gone to sleep, But it is time to awaken and get started If…

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He Restores My Soul!

He restores my soul

This has been an exciting week for me. Weeks of preparation were completed and it was time to go live with the new website. However, in the last few days things have become a bit crazy; there are more tasks than time, it seems. Added to that, we have had numerous storms with another big…

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Hat’s Off

hats off

As women, we wear many hats. Jobs in and out of the home, caring for our families, and taking on various roles in our churches and schools. We are always coming up with ways in which we want and need to put on a new hat. All of these require our energies, our talents, and…

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