The Beginning of a “Living Legacy”

When you woke up this morning, and began your typical routine, did it cross your mind today, “I am a living legacy?” I doubt that anything so significant and grand crosses most woman’s minds so early in the morning. The majority of us hurriedly start our day with our minds making plans even before our eyes…

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Recently, the question was put forth, “what do you treasure?” Now if I quickly had to pick something, something other than my family, something that is tangible, what would that something be? Hum, truly I drew a blank. Then I looked down at my fingers. ~ That was it! My wedding rings, and most recently…

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Reflection-JOY in the JOURNEY

joy in the journey writing

Reflecting back… It is hard to believe our oldest grand-daughter was three years old at the time I wrote these words. She was my shadow in bib overalls as we planted flowers, went for drives, and got in to all kinds of mischief, as my husband would say with a twinkle in his eye. But…

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