Regina Becknell has a heart for sharing the Lord’s faithfulness, mercy, and love with as many people as she can, and especially with other women.  For as long as she can remember, the answer she would give whenever asked, “What are your goals?” was always the same, “to get to heaven and take as many with me as possible.”  Her writings reflect the experiences of her life, which weren’t always easy.  But her stories are really about the Lord and the magnificent way He weaves all of our personal experiences together in order to create the person He designed each of us to be.  She writes to encourage other women to see themselves through the eyes of an adoring heavenly Father who wants only the very best for each one.

Regina has always enjoyed being a wife and mother and now a grandmother.  Her degrees include Early Childhood Education and a Bachelors in Business Administration. Her careers have included tailoring, education, and real estate.  But throughout Regina’s adult life, her genuine passion has always been writing about the wondrous, unpredictable journey God has in store for those willing to take hold of His hand and follow.

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