Favorite Things

Mountain Mission School

When kids have nowhere else to go, with your help Mountain Mission School, in Grundy Virginia, can give them a safe, loving home on their campus in the Appalachian mountains. They also give them new hope for the future through a well-balanced, world-class K-12 education. They serve over 200 kids in need, coming not only from Appalachia, but also from more than 60 countries worldwide.

Liz Curtis Higgs

“31 Verses to Write on Your Heart” by Liz Curtis Higgs, has such depth, and truth it has become my go to book when I am wanting to get in my comfy chair and wrap up with scripture. It goes great with a cup of coffee, fluffy socks and a quilt. Get ready for it to touch your heart and soul!

Margaret Jensen

Margaret Jensen’s, “First We Have Coffee” became a favorite quote and book in our home since the first time I read it in 1996. I still enjoy re-reading this book. I love her intuitive insight as she tells stories of the daily challenges of being part of a family called to the ministry. Yet what sets the tone for her life is having a Mama that met those challenges in creative and self-sacrificial ways. Her mother saw each new day as an opportunity to open their home to all with a welcoming heart and these words: “First we have coffee, then we talk.

Corrie Ten Boom

Get ready for this book to change your life: it did mine. “The Hiding Place” by Corrie Ten Boom first begins with a typical family running a clock business when suddenly, their country changed. Their neighbors were being gathered up and taken away to prison camps. They knew what they must do; what they believed God wanted them to do! Corrie Ten Boom describes a story of tragedy followed by healing, grace and forgiveness.

Margaret Jensen

“Lena”, is another great book written by Margaret Jensen. It is one of those books to go to when you need practical, strong, cheerleader faith. Lena was by Margaret’s side when they worked together in a college setting. When many students were pushing boundaries, including Margaret’s own son, Lena had the gift of showing bluntness with love. She also believed faith and trust should be declared in hard times and it should be declared loudly so that all (including Satan himself) would know there was NO giving up on our loved ones, the victory was already won! Everyone needs a Lena in their life.