Is My Brain Missing?

brain missing

Today it seems my brain is missing!
I am looking but I still can’t seem to find,
That thing that is inside of my head
Has skipped town, and so has my mind.

It may have decided to wander,
Maybe it has gone to sleep,
But it is time to awaken and get started
If this schedule I am to keep.

I need to get a grip on this day’s strategy
It is time to put first things first.
Do I take the time to spend with my Father,
Or do I hectically begin this new day of work?

As I continue to maneuver and go in circles,
My mind is reeling; I need that missing part,
For my confusion has left miscommunication
Between my mind and now my heart.

There’s a déjà vu to this battle.
I’ve again let hecticness be my self-determined pace;
Where the trivial seems to overtake what is really important,
As if each minute is an urgent and ever spinning race.

When the business of life circumvents what’s really important
I know I need to get a grip on my self-limiting strategy.
It’s time to reestablish the boundaries, to put things in balance,
So that I focus on much more than what is in front of me.

As I haphazardly try to figure out this balance,
Between my head and now fast beating heart,
It is then the voice of conviction gets much firmer and much louder:
“It is with ME (YOUR FATHER) your day should always start.”

“For only I can set a pace that is yours for the keeping
So there’s abounding strength, no matter the daily course;
Where I prioritize the steps to be accomplished,
So that sleep comes without worry or hindsight’s remorse.”

So with head bowed I return to that simple childlike perspective
Where there’s reason to be quiet in the stillness of the morn,
Where we can meet and communicate without interruption,
So like the new days dawning our spirit can sparkle with freshness reborn.

With a renewed spirit, I again look around for what was missing;
It wasn’t my brain, my mind or some profound job strategy.
All I needed to do was give YOU, FATHER, my undivided attention,
Where YOU weigh the burden of the tasks in front of me.

So again, as this lesson many times repeated
Requires seeking forgiveness as I stumble, and then I trod
Where I continue to fall but find there are big hands that pick up the pieces
As I hear a loving and gentle reminder:

 “Be Still, and know that I am God…” 

                                                        (Psalm 46:10)                                                               




  1. Steve Walker on September 15, 2017 at 10:42 pm

    I’m not a girl, but I am a fan. I’m currently reading “Ordering Your Private World” by Gordon MacDonald. The spider essay augmented what the Lord is doing with MacDonald’s book. Calling me to not be everyone’s problem solver. Ordering me to slow down. Begging me to make God alone my primary quest, and trusting Him when there is no clarity in direction, circumstances, and seeming injustice. Thanks for inviting me to visit, despite my gender.

    • Regina Becknell on September 16, 2017 at 2:14 am

      Guys are definitely welcome…and appreciated here on the Porch! Thanks so much for your comments!!

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