Porch Talk

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

(Psalm 119:105)

regina becknell

Hi! I'm Regina,

Welcome to Porch Talk: Inspiration for a Woman’s Heart.

I am so glad you have found your way here. Here, on the porch, I pray you will find inspiration reading stories of faith, hope, and laughter. But in all of these, it is my greatest desire for you to find hope, based on a core foundation that will lead you home. “Home” is in the loving arms of a Savior who is real, safe, and redemptive. And at the same time He is creative and imaginative. He created us didn’t He!

So for today, why don’t you grab a cup of coffee, join me on my porch, and sit back and relax, as you take a moment to find inspiration that comes from the heart.

Be Seeing Ya, Regina!

Latest from the Blog

The Gathering

November 27, 2019

Recently I had the words from an old Michael W. Smith song pop in my mind, “Friends are friends forever if the Lord’s the Lord of them.” Truth is, I have come to appreciate the depth of the meaning of those lyrics, more now than before. Especially, as I was sitting here reflecting over this…

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Just Say Thank You!

October 26, 2019

Taking a long deep breath, I realized I had slept the whole night through. Oh thank you Lord! I lay there in the darkness for a few seconds longer, until a few more breaths triggered the realization of a smell that was all too familiar: COFFEE! I really had slept all night long, which meant…

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Lift My Eyes to the Mountains

July 30, 2019

“I lift up my eyes to the mountains.” Funny how eight little words can be so vivid, so impactful, but this morning, they certainly were! As I began reading the first line of my scripture verses, my entire morning plans changed. They inspired me to slow down my heart, my pace, and caused me to…

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Mist Walking

June 12, 2019

A few mornings back I woke to find the most beautiful mist covering the landscape out back. It always amazes me to find how often nature mimics what is going on in real life. It is just one more layer of confirmation of how God uses His very own creation to give new understanding and…

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The Gift was Quiet!

April 19, 2019

Standing up for myself has never come natural to me. It’s funny, because, I consider myself a strong person and certainly one with strong convictions. And, as quickly as I can jump right in on behalf of those in need, or even exhaust myself toward a cause in which my heart believes, I struggle with…

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Ordinary to Extraordinary!

February 23, 2019

  For most of us, the thought would never cross our mind, “Today I am going to do something extraordinary.” Instead, we go about our normal routines from the moment we wake up in the morning, with maybe a couple of variations throughout the day. But, for the most part, life remains predictable, or so…

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