Porch Talk

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

(Psalm 119:105)

regina becknell

Hi! I'm Regina,

Welcome to Regina's Porch Talk: Inspiration for a Woman’s Heart.

I am so glad YOU are here! I pray that here, on my porch, you will find inspiration reading stories of faith, hope, and laughter. But in all of these, it is my greatest desire for you to find hope, based on a core foundation that will lead you home. “Home” is in the loving arms of a Savior who is real, safe, and redemptive. And at the same time, He is creative and imaginative. He created us, didn’t He!

So for today, why don’t you grab a cup of coffee, join me on my porch, and sit back and relax, as you take a moment to find inspiration that comes from the heart.

Be Seeing Ya, Regina!

Latest from the Blog

Grace in Black and White

September 14, 2018

I love old black and white movies. So when I heard that one of my all time favorites, “Roman Holiday,” celebrated it’s 65th anniversary, I couldn’t help but recall one of the reasons this movie has withstood the test of time: it was Audrey Hepburn. Her wit and charm captured audiences the moment she appeared…

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Does She Have it Together?

August 19, 2018

How often do we look at another woman and think to ourself, “Does she have it together?” The funny thing is, many times that other woman has just looked at someone else and thought the same thing. It may surprise you to know that some of those women who are tall, extremely witty and funny,…

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Morning Cup of Rain

July 21, 2018

When I heard the thunder and saw the rain pouring down this morning I had a crazy thought, “Why not capture this moment in a mug”—so I did! I decided to celebrate the downpour with a Morning cup of Rain. First, I ran outside, not even caring that I still had on my mismatched blue thermal leggings…

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Mirror Mirror, What Do YOU See?

June 2, 2018

Mirror Mirror, What Do YOU See? How many times a day do we quickly look at ourselves in the mirror, complete the task at hand, like brushing our teeth, or combing our hair, and then we’re done. Rarely, do we ever step back and contemplate a real, heart-depth reflection. If we did, or if that…

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Time to Wake Up!

May 9, 2018

Tumbled thoughts and tumbled sheets give way to my feet hitting the floor. It must be time to wake up! Through squinted eyes I give a glance to see that it really is 3:45am. Yet, I am stone cold awake, so no climbing back in bed for me. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. It…

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Where Do You Come From?

April 26, 2018

Where do you come from? You have probably had people ask that question a time or two throughout your life, and so have I. Do you tell them where you live now, or where you grew up as a child? Or do you go back even farther, and give them the name of the town, state,…

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