They Are Precious in HIS Sight

Precious in His Sight

Looking over on the nightstand I decided to check the time. I knew it must be early since it was still dark out, but 4AM! I really didn’t want to get up this early! After one more hour I finally gave in: time to get up! I started the coffee pot and even made my bed. It was almost as if my mind never shut down when I went to bed last night.


Immediately I started thinking about the details surrounding the family we had been talking and praying with over the last few months. I have no words to describe what has penetrated my soul other than to say, my heart feels as if it is overflowing as I consider the situations they have been dealing with while fostering/adopting the teenagers that recently joined their family.


Daily I am in awe, I can’t help but marvel at the way in which the Lord is constantly working through sad yet what would normally be insurmountable circumstances. He brings moments of joy in the midst of heartbreak. He shows children how to take on adult responsibilities yet still gives them a path where they can find a “safe” haven in their life when they have never had one before. Many find for the first time they can begin opening their hearts, they can begin to trust. Once they feel safe in their surroundings it is then they feel safe enough to not only take the Lord’s hand, but to give Him their heart. Part of that security comes in knowing “they” are worth being kept safe, and worth being loved.


And add to that, within these stories, are moments where you hear of laughter. Many of these kids no longer laugh. But when you hear laughter return or that childlike humor is still part of their personality, that is a healthy sign. The fantastic part is when they are blessed with a foster family that understands that humor is needed. At times, it can even come across as a warped sense of humor. It is a wonderful gift to have people around you that can laugh at the bizarre situations that go hand in hand with foster care and the adoption process.


The coffee was done so I grabbed my cup and headed to sit with my husband. As I began drinking my first few sips it occurred to me how amazing it is that the Lord can see to all the details of every life simultaneously even when at a single moment in time it might look to our human eye like our world is falling apart. Then my husband began to read our verse for the morning. And just like the Lord always does He put calmness to my unsettled mind. His words sank deep down to my overflowing heart as He made sense out of everything I have been trying to process. It clearly stated that our mind set on the “flesh,” (which so often is what these kids have seen and experienced,) and even the things that looks insurmountable to the human eye; these things are death.  But, the mind set on the Spirit, oh these things…THESE things ARE LIFE AND PEACE. I think that makes it simple…and I love the simple life. Thank you Lord for again providing exactly what we needed for this day and for our life.

For the mind set on flesh is death,

but the mind set on the Spirit is life and peace.

Romans 8:6



  1. Jackie Miller on July 1, 2017 at 1:53 pm

    You did it again, Regina! I so look forward to your writings. Awesome!! Love and prayers to you and your family.

  2. Regina Becknell on July 1, 2017 at 1:57 pm

    Your an inspiration to keep writing…truly!!!
    Sending back hugs to your gang,

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