READY for Thanksgiving to Begin!

Sitting here at the kitchen table, looking over the menu checklist one more time, I notice a couple of last minute add-ons that we’re missing. But other than that, looks like we are ready. Ready for the noise and ready for the excitement that is always included in this day’s celebration. Ready for the crazy enthusiasm and ready for the loving energy that comes when family arrives. READY for Thanksgiving to begin!

Then the thought hit me, but what of the other 364 days in a year, when there isn’t a Thanksgiving celebration? When there isn’t people around, or family bursting through the door, what then? Am I always ready and prepared for thanksgiving? Has this question ever crossed your mind?

Do I have a heart of thanksgiving everyday of the year?

Maybe that is the reason this day is so significant. It is a wonderful reminder to take the time to slow down and to focus on the meaning of thanksgiving, or maybe it is better said as an attitude of gratefulness. I wonder what would happen if we did this everyday, not just on this Holiday? Is it possible to keep the heart of thanksgiving going all year long?

One way is when we begin to understand our entire life is important to God, not just one day. He values us everyday. He values every moment of our life. Then we can start comprehending each day is one that is filled with possibilities. Even when those days are filled with heartaches and disappointments, they are of value, God is there.

Opportunities and adventures occur as we meet others and as God opens doors. These are our opportunities of thanksgiving, God is there. He is the steadfast rock on which we can depend, no matter the circumstance, big or small. Past, present and future, our life, our moments are in God’s eye, and He wants to be in ours. He loves us that much. He wants and deserves our praise and our thanksgiving, everyday of the year.


Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord;
let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation.

Let us come before Him with thanksgiving
and extol Him with music and song.
(Psalm 95:1-2 NIV)


Lord, let us praise you for this day, and for our tomorrows, even before they are here. Let us sing in our hearts, and with our voices, YOU are our Lord, and we give you everyday of our life. We hold your hand, and trust you with ours.
We are READY for our HEARTS of Thanksgiving to begin, from this moment forward!



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